Becoming yourself is really hard and confusing, and it’s a process. It’s often not cool to be the person who puts themselves out there. - Emma Watson
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Baelish challenge 2014 | day 5 - petyr + a color

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Petyr Baelishon the Iron Throne, what else ?!! :D :D :D
I think he won’t succeed to get the Iron Throne or for a short while before beeing murdered. But who knows… ? ;)

Art by cerkvenik

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Man talks with his hands.

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The beginning of Dark Harbor was originally going to show Alan Rickman’s character beating up Norman’s in a hotel room, but was cut for unknown reasons. This is a still from the deleted scene.

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Emma Watson attends the Valentino show as part of Paris Fashion Week (July, 09)
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Aidan Gillen, The Good Man (7)

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Galaxy Quest: Alexander Dane on the bridge.

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7/7/14 - Emma Watson arriving to the Giambattista Valli Haute Couture F/W 14/15 Fashion Show in Paris.

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Emma Watson named Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women

UN Women, the United Nations organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women, today announced the appointment of British Actress, Emma Watson, as Goodwill Ambassador.

Best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the ‘Harry Potter’ film series, the accomplished actress, humanitarian, and recent graduate of Ivy League institution, Brown University, will dedicate her efforts as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador towards the empowerment of young women and will serve as an advocate for UN Women’s HeForShe campaign in promoting gender equality.

“We are thrilled and honored to work with Emma, whom we believe embodies the values of UN Women,” stated Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director, UN Women. “The engagement of young people is critical for the advancement of gender equality in the 21st century, and I am convinced that Emma’s intellect and passion will enable UN Women’s messages to reach the hearts and minds of young people globally,” added Ms. Mlambo-Ngcuka.

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Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence apparently aving fun at the Dior show.

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"I have often said that Hermione is a bit like me when I was younger. I think I was seen by other people as a right little know-it-all, but I hope that it is clear that underneath Hermione’s swottiness there is a lot of insecurity and a great fear of failure".
J.K. Rowling

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